In The Community

Warrington Collegiate is committed to generating opportunities, actively encouraging and providing practical support for learners to participate in activities which benefit the community and contribute to the learners’ knowledge and understanding of the community in which they live, work and study.

Voluntary Work:

Many Warrington Collegiate students are involved in a range of voluntary work.  Examples of this include sports students working in partnership with the NSPCC to provide support for young people attending the Peace Centre.  The Public Services department also have strong links with the Fire Service, Police and Youth Offending Team, providing students with the opportunity to complete voluntary work within these organisations.

Work Placements:

Students also complete work experience and projects within the community.  As part of the childcare programme, students complete work placements at schools and nurseries.  Construction students are also involved in various projects in the community where they apply their knowledge and practical skills to enhance community, school and church premises.  Creative and Performing Arts students work with local primary schools to carry out ‘theatre for children’ programmes.

The college has introduced the Citizenship certification in 2009/10 allowing full-time students to use evidence of voluntary/community work to gain the certificate.

Charity Work:      

Staff and Students are particularly proactive in charity and fundraising events.  Each year students devise a range of activities to raise funds for national charity events including Children in Need and Red Nose Day.

Students also support local charities (i.e. St Rocco’s Hospice) by putting on fashion shows and similar events in order to raise money and also awareness about local charities.

Warrington Collegiate raised £41 for the John Holt Cancer Foundation by raffling christmas hampers which Sarah Shaw & Jenni Wood both won.

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