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Beamont Collegiate Academy officially launched in March 2013, sponsored by Warrington Collegiate.
The Academy guarantees high quality programmes designed for individual learners. All learners are inspired to realise their full potential and progress to good employment, further and higher education.



At Beamont Collegiate Academy we believe:

• A culture of high expectations and high achievement underpins everything we do

• The full potential of each learner is unlocked through access to high quality and innovative learning opportunities

• It is essential to support and encourage all our learners to develop the skills and knowledge which allow them to take full advantage of the range of opportunities emerging in the 21st century along with the resilience to cope with its challenges

• All learners need to develop responsibility for their learning and develop the skills to be an independent learner, which equip them for lifelong learning

• Building self-esteem through an innovative curriculum and responding to the individual needs of learners raises the aspirations of young people to achieve to their full potential whilst at the Academy and in the future

• Motivated, well qualified, inspirational and innovative teachers are key to the delivery of an exciting and individualised curriculum

• A culture of collaboration and partnership working leads to the best outcomes for learners

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