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A selection of quick guides to get you started can be found below.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop allows you to access everything that you would normally access in college from off site on any PC, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone and most Android devices. If you are a student and you need to access media software or AutoCad (for example), you can from home. If you are staff and you need to access EBS or mark a register, you can from home or from anywhere in the world!

To use Remote Desktop for the first time, select the Remote Desktop link from the Online Services menu. You will be prompted to download the Vmware View client for your operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista or Apple Mac. Download the smaller of the 2 files ie View Client. (Note: for Android phones and tablets and for IOS iPhones and iPads, check  your app store for the free Vmware View client).

Once installed, you will be prompted to restart your machine.

Once restarted, either go back to Online Services and click on Remote Desktop OR launch the Vmware View icon from your desktop (tablet users: click your icon). When prompted, enter the server name:

Then login using your normal network user name and password. This is a one-off process. Once completed, the Vmware View client will remember the server details as well as your user name, just prompting you for your password.

Here is a video for installing Remote Desktop on Windows 7 or Vista

Here is a video for installing Remote Desktop on WIndows XP

There are numerous virtual machines available, including: Generic Staff machines, student machines, specialist machines like e-Registers, Autocad, 3DMax, CRM, MediaCS, SerifMedia, StudentSDK, FinaceVision and more. You can only see machines you have been given access to. If you would like access to a particular machine, contact your tutor if a student or contact IT Services directly if staff.

Marking Registers

To mark a register from off-site or to mark a register from a non-Windows device such as an iPad, select the Remote Desktop link from Online Services or click on the Vmware View icon (installation instructions above). Once loaded, login with your staff user name and password and you will see a remote machine called VM-Registers. Select that, the machine will start up very quickly and present you with your e-Register login.

Accessing Staff Email

Click on the Staff Email link from Online Services. Login with your staff user name and password. Select "This is a public or shared computer" if it isn't your own pc (ie, you are off-site or at an internet cafe", but select "This is a private computer" if it is your own. There is a "light" version that runs a lot faster for those with slow broadband connections.

If you wish to connect your phone or tablet to the staff email system, bring it in to IT Services and we will do it for you. It takes about 5 mins to set up.

Accessing Student Email

Student email is an off-site hosted service run by Microsoft. To use it, select the Student Email link from Online Services. Login with your 6 digit student ID and your normal network password.

Accessing Moodle VLE

To access our Virtual Learning Environment, select Moodle VLE from the Online Services menu and login using your student or staff user name and your normal network password. Once in Moodle, you should be able to download material relevant to your course and upload assignments back to it. The content in Moodle is dependent on your course tutor.


If you have any problems using any of our systems, please contact the IT Helpdesk. You can pop along to see us in person. We are in A Block, room A133. You can phone us on x4401 (internally) or on 01925 494401 (externally). You can email us: and if you ever find that you can't access any college systems, try us on Facebook

We provide many services that you may wish to make use of. We can fix your laptop for you, set up your iPad etc etc. As we encourage you to use your own devices on our wireless network, if you have any problems, bring the device in to us and we'll take a look. If there is a fault, we can give you a free estimate for repair and if it is a quick job, we only ever charge for parts, not labour.

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