Health & Welfare

We recognise that any student can experience problems from time to time, not necessarily related to their academic studies.  The Guidance & Welfare team will be the first line of contact for you to discuss what may be troubling you in a safe, non-judgmental environment. This could be:

  • Benefit Advice
  • Mental Health Issues
  • General Health Issues
  • Drug and Alcohol abuse
  • Pregnancy
  • Homelessness
  • Financial debt

There will be an opportunity to access our counselling provision.  This can be arranged quickly and in total confidence.

Safeguarding: Warrington & Vale Royal College has a Safeguarding Policy to ensure that all vulnerable adults, young people and children attending activities in the college do so in a safe and secure environment. It sets out the steps we take to protect vulnerable adults, children and young people and the procedures we would use to deal with any issues. 

The Safeguarding Policy is approved by the Governors and Senior Management.  Any student concerned about their own safety or the safety of another student should speak to their Learning Coach/ Tutor, a Welfare Adviser in Learner Services or the college's Safeguarding Officers.

If you are suffering abuse, bullying or any other inappropriate behaviour whilst online, click the CEOP button to report it.


Healthy College: The College is committed to ensuring that all of our students and staff have the opportunity and support to lead a healthy lifestyle. As well as giving access to healthy foods, offering a sports programme, funding a counselling service, and ensuring that the college is smoke-free. We also facilitate access to external support services such as Youth Advice Shop, PHAZE (Drug and Alcohol Abuse Service), Terrence Higgins Trust, GLYSS (Gay and Lesbian Youth Support Services), Teenage Pregnancy, Lone Parent Team, smoking cessation and weight management.

NHS Heath Services 

The NHS have a dedicated website that will help you to locate your local doctors surgery or GP practice, dentist, chemist, optician, hospital and more.

Click here to visit the NHS Choices search box.  The search also includes patient ratings and waiting times. 

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