Revision Advice

Most people get nervous as they prepare for their exams but revision doesn’t have to be a headache.  Find revision techniques that work for you and plan, prepare and don’t leave it until the last minute!

Make a plan

Work out how much work you need to revise and how much time you have before the exams start.  Plan a realistic timetable for all subjects and remember to include break times.  The most effective way to revise is to concentrate on understanding rather than memorising.

Understand your subjects

It’s easier to understand subjects once you understand them, so if you’re struggling try revising with friends, two heads might be able to figure things out easier.  You can always ask your teacher for help or attend extra revision classes.  

Stay focused

Create your own study area at home, somewhere quiet where you can lay out your books and notes and won’t get disturbed.  Switch off phones and anything else that is likely to be a distraction.  Some people find using the internet to search for extra information a distraction as they often end up on social media etc, so it might be worth sticking with books and notes.

Remember to take breaks, drink plenty of water and eat healthy snacks to keep your brain ticking over.

The night before

Try and avoid revision the night before an exam.  It can just stress you out trying to cram it all in at the last minute.  Complete your revision plan early and read over your notes later in the day.  Try to stay relaxed and get an early night.

The day of the exam

On the day of an exam, avoid trying to test yourself on specific questions, this will just make you panic about what you think you don’t know, rather than focusing on what you do know.  Don’t start thinking about passing or failing, stay calm and if you’ve stuck to your revision plan, the answers will come.  Don’t forget all your stationary and anything else you need for the exam.

Useful Tools

We have created two revision planners that might be useful for planning your revision.  One planner includes days and the second planner includes days and times.

Revision Planner 
Revision Planner with times 

Useful External Websites

We have searched the web and provided you with some great sites to help you with your GCSE revision.
The BBC has a GCSE Bitesize website that has loads of advice and revision tips for many subjects.  It also includes video tutorials and useful revision technique games
Don’t get stressed out over exams, check out this factfile on exam stress and read how to keep stress levels down.
Some quick revision tips on wikihow.
Some great revision tips and techniques from exam board Edexcel.
An interesting article about revision techniques, highlighting the good, the ok and the useless.
You can register with this website and create your own personal revision planner.

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